My Amazon Store: From Me To You

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I added a bunch of books to my Amazon store, From Me To You.

I'm offering these at a discount to any of my blog friends that are interested.  When you normally purchase a book from Amazon they add on $3.99 for shipping and handling.  If you see any book(s) that interest you, then shoot me an email (kaitlin [at] ahmymarriedlife [dot] com) and I'll give you a discount.

Later tonight I will also be adding some computer games.  I'm sure most of you won't be interested, but maybe your husbands will!

Wordless Wednesday

Hello, Las Vegas!
I'll be seeing you in 28 days.

Weekend Update!

Baby Shower -- It went alright.  I wasn't a fan of a lot of people there, but I made it through it.  It's getting tougher and tougher to go to baby showers each time.  I would be so much more excited to go and hang out if I had a little one or a little one on the way, but I don't.  So I sit there, fight back tears at time and act like everything it alright.

Roller Derby -- Well you're going to be disappointed with me.  I didn't go talk to Fred on Saturday when we went to see the AZ Roller Derby.  I want intimidated!  It was extremely crowded when we got there and there were so many photographers already.  So I never worked up the cajones.  I'm thinking about emailing Fred and seeing if he wants to meet up some time he's free.

We saw the Bad News Beaters bout against the Brawlerinas.  I didn't have a specific team I was going for, but the Bad News Beaters ended up kicking ass!


Faded hand stamp from the AZ Roller Derby.

The jammer coming around the corner.

Invisible jammer!

See the girl walking right there?  In the red.  I wish I could have gotten a picture for you.  It was priceless.  She had this lacy red top on with a black tiny vest on.  Her little boobs were popping out of it along with her chubby belly. Not cute!  I have more to love, but I tuck it away from the public. Yikes!

After Roller Derby we went out for a drink, which is still a weird concept for me.  We sat at the bar and I wasn't carded -- two firsts!  I had a Sex on the Beach; I didn't think it was that great.  But it definitely did the job.  I'm a lightweight since I never drink.  I gotta get ready for Vegas though.  Yes! I'm going to Vegas!

BBQ for my Brother's Birthday -- It was pretty laid back; it was just family.  The past few weren't that laid back.  My brother would have his Police friends over and they'd have one too many beers and they were quite humorous.  But Sunday my SIL and nephew were sick, so it was just a calm night.

But I got to see this little booger!
He likes to eat his books, rather than read them.

And this one of Root Beer because I thought she was laying funny.

Overall, it was a nice week.  A bit busy, but nice.  How was yours?

*My appologies for the awful quality photos.  I only used my iPhone and it doesn't have a quick shutter.  For the Roller Derby I didn't really have a time to use my better camera.  We couldn't get close enough.

Action Packed Weekend

Well, this weekend Hubs and I have a bunch of plans.  This is totally a change for us!  We are the stay at home watching movies on the couch/in bed couple.  Which is totally okay with me!

Friday: Free day!  So we will probably just sit around the house.  I want to get some reading and blogging I'd like to do!

Saturday: At 1pm we have a baby shower for a very close family friend; not sure how long that will last.  Around 7pm, I really want to go to the Roller Derby event.  Possibly meet up with Fred, see if I can get involved.  [Hopefully I can get up the cajones to talk to him.]

Sunday: BBQ for my Brother's birthday around 5:30p.  We have plenty of down time in the morning.  I'm thinking of using the time to actually clean; it's been awhile!

I plan on bring my camera with me everywhere this weekend.  I really wish I had my fancy new camera bag I ordered from Etsy, but I must be patient.  So look forward to some pictures from the weekend!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday, Big Brother!
From his wedding; I was a bridesmaid.

One of my favorite photos.

Lady Bloggers Society

I'm a member of:

Over the weekend @theladybloggers started following me on Twitter.  I was very intriqued when I saw that, so naturally I went to their website to see what they were about.

"The Lady Bloggers Society was formed to give women bloggers a place to connect, learn, share, and advance as bloggers and dealing with everything feminine in this growing digital age."

This was very interesting to me.  I love the idea of coming together with likeminded women.  And the fact that we would all be bloggers is a plus!

If this sounds interesting to you, then join! Everyone is welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hubs and I didn’t have anything planned for today. We went out to dinner last night. We figured the crowds would be smaller. We went to Carlos O'Brien's Mexican Restaurant. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri; it was tasty! ;)

On Thursday, Hubs sent me flowers to work. He said they were supposed to be delivered on Friday, but on Thursday morning I told him I wasn’t going to work on Friday. He had to make a last minute call and have the flowers delivered to me on Thursday.

I meant to take a better picture when I got home, but I just kept forgetting. So this is the only one I have. Sorry!

My beautiful flowers from my lovely husband.

Hubs said he thought the lavender roses would be unique. I decided to look up the meaning of lavender flowers because every flower has a meaning.

Lavender Rose
A lavender rose is a symbol of "falling in love". When you give it to a person you are saying "I have fallen in love with you and am enchanted by you."

Isn’t he adorable?!

Here's the card that I gave Hubs this morning when he woke up.

I didn't know how good
love could be
until I fell into it
with a true companion,
a man I can be myself with,
the best friend
I could ever have...

Response from the AZ Roller Derby

Hi Kaitlin,

You are welcome to shoot photos at the event or practices. If you ask for Fred at the event, we can meet and figure out how to get you involved!


Fred Nutz
Production Director
AZ Roller Derby


Lesson 3 -- My Characters

Grade: 45/50

Character Sketch 1
Kyle Phillips is a nerdy 26-year-old assistant manager at a video store who wants some direction in his life. He’s been working at the same store for almost four years. He’s been working up to the manager position for half that, with no luck. During all this time he’s been trying to figure out what he really wants to do with his life. Kyle knows that he doesn’t want to be an assistant manager or even a manager at a video store for the rest of his life, but he doesn’t know what else to do. He’s been attempting to go back to school for the past few years, but every time he starts he loses all motivation and wants to quit. He always remembers this saying his dad told him once; it’s stuck with him, “find something that you would do for free and that’s how you know it’s something you enjoy.”

Character Sketch 2
Derrick Hendricks is an ambitious 27-year-old web designer and blogger who wants to be successful. As soon as Derrick graduated from high school he went to school for web design and also took multiple writing courses. Since then he’s been creating and running multiple websites. He’s also been building websites for other companies as his main source of income. He loves what he does and he’s good at it. Derrick has a lot of sites where he does co-blogging with other writers. Another large source of his income is from advertising that he’s done on all of his sites and co-blogging sites. He likes to share his knowledge of blogging and web design with everyone and tries to better himself at it while doing so.

Create a Story

It was just a normal day in hell; that’s what Kyle Phillips calls his job as an assistant manager at a local video store. He’s been stuck at the same job for almost four years. Kyle always imagined himself doing bigger and better things once he graduated high school. Instead he’s dropped out of college multiple times and stuck at a dead end job. Kyle can’t seem to figure out anything that he would enjoy doing.

While at work he saw a man walk in that looked extremely familiar, but he couldn’t place where he remembered him from. As the man was walking around the store looking at the movies it hit him; they went to high school together. His name is Derrick Hendricks and he was one of the smartest guys in his high school.

Once Derrick was done wandering around looking at the movies he headed up to the counter to check out. Kyle was working the registers because the other employees were stocking the shelves. Derrick set his movies on the counter; Grandma’s Boy and 40 Year Old Virgin. Derrick was a fan of comedies.

When Derrick noticed the man behind the counter he noticed right away that it was Derrick Phillips from high school. He immediately struck up a conversation with him; “Hey! It’s Kyle, right? Remember me from high school? I’m Derrick Hendricks.”

Kyle was surprised that Derrick remembered him at all. He wasn’t nearly as popular as Derrick was. “Hey! Yeah, I remember you! How are you doing?” Kyle said to Derrick.

“I’ve been really good. I’ve been running quite a few of my own websites and doing a bunch of web designing. What about you? How have you been since high school?” Derrick was genuinely interested in how Kyle has been. He wondered why Kyle was working at a video store. He remembered Kyle in high school and knew that he’d been a pretty smart kid and great with computers.

“I’ve been doing alright. Just working here, there’s really not much else to tell. I’ve taken a few college courses, but there’s nothing I’m really interested in yet. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do.” Kyle laughed at his last statement. He was so envious of Derrick. He seemed to have his life together. He was doing something he enjoyed; that’s what Kyle was most envious of.

Derrick could tell that Kyle didn’t seem too thrilled with where his life is right now. He’s been looking for someone recently to start helping him with his computers. “Hey, you’re good with computers right? I know you were in high school. I’ve been looking to change out a bunch of my systems. I’ve also wanted to build a new computer. Do you think you would be interested in something like that? I was also looking for some to start a new website with.”

Kyle’s mouth practically fell open out of shock. “Yeah, I’m still pretty good with computers I can definitely help you with anything you need. Just give me a call and I can help.” Kyle wrote his number down on the back of a handout from the counter and gave it to Derrick. “Thanks, man. I really appreciate the opportunity to help you. You don’t understand how much this means to me.”

But little did Kyle know Derrick did know how much it meant to him. This experience was going to change his life and get him out of that video store for good; just like he wants.

Teacher comments:
I like the characters, especially the guy in the store. You did well staying in his POV. Watch your verb tense -- you slipped just a bit at the end of the story into present tense. Work on making your dialogue smoother and more natural. Guys usally talk (even in fiction) in really short sentences. This just takes practice on every writer's part.  Try to open more into the action and save the backstory for later.  Good grammar!! Looking forward to your revisions.


You Might Think I'm Crazy

But I have a dream and it's pretty crazy.  After watching Whip It I remembered how awesome it would be.  I started doing some research last week; I honestly didn't know there was an Arizona roller derby team.  How flippin' awesome would it be to be a part of this?  It would be like having another family.

After further discussion with my husband, I have decided that I'm going to contact them.  Not to join right now, but possibly in the future (once I get in better shape).  I'm going to see if they are interested in having someone handle their networking sites; Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, MySpace and they have a few others.  I would also like to try my hand at photographing them.  Pictures for the website; posed and action shots.  I see that they already have a staff, but I think I might be able to bring something different.  I think I could keep them up to date as well.  All I can do is try and see what they say.

AZ Roller Derby was founded in 2003, making it one of the oldest flat track leagues in the nation. AZ Roller Derby is also a charter member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the only national governing body to regulate interstate play for flat track roller derby. All of our fabulous derby vixens are volunteers who sacrifice countless hours each week practicing, promoting and savagely beating each other. Every part of this new style of derby IS REAL: every fall, every hit and bloodied body part. It has been said that they do it for the love of the game and the hate of each other; but they also do it to bring you, the good people of Arizona, a high octane sport that is second to none. AZ Roller Derby is a dynamic group of women from all walks of life. From teachers to bankers and home-makers to atomic scientists, the organization is owned and run by women determined to revive this classic American sport on their own terms.

I am going to send an email to the Arizona Roller Derby this week.  Any advice on what I should say and  how I should say it?  I'm quite nervous.  This is something I would really enjoy doing.  And it's something that would get me out of my shell.


About Lesson 3 -- Character

Lesson Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
  • Relate a short, dynamic interplay between two characters.
  • Dramatize "real" humans in form and behavior.
  • Appraise character and characterization on an intellectual level.
When writing about a character (the person), you must characterize (illustrate and make the personality real) that person using every tool at your disposal.

You will have the makings of a character when you can fill out this sentence: (Name) is a (adj.) ___-year-old (noun) who wants ____________.

Example: Jeremy Glazer is a beligerent 17-year-old basketball player who wants respect.

Five-Minute Exercises:
  • List the contents of a woman's purse.  wallet, make-up, pen, tissues, nail clippers, sanitary napkins, chap stick, digital camera, head phones, cell phone
  • List what a man carries in his pockets.  cell phone, wallet, chapstick, change
  • List the contents of a person's garbage can.  tissues, empty cup, crumpled paper, movie tickets, banana peel, receipts
I just liked these because it's true: Maya Angelou is credited with saying that you can tell a lot about a person by how he/she handles rainy days, lost luggade and tangles Christmas lights.  Dave Berry is reported to say that you can know a lot about a person by how he/she speaks to a waitress.


1. Creative Writing Assignment ~ Topic: Character (50 points -750 words).  For this assignment, you will create two character sketches (250 words total), and create a 500-word story.  Follow the directions listed below:
  • Character sketches: Follow the advice earlier in the lesson.  You might begin with a list of traits: looks, "feels," sounds, describe the characters "taste" in things, smell - or their overall sort of ambiance.  Now, turn that list into a sketch, as if you're describing this character to someone who doesn't know them yet.  The link above gave you an idea of a shape your sketch might take.  Do that for two characters and keep that work to a page.
  • Create a story: The idea here is to show these characters interacting with each other, speaking, acting and reacting to the other person.  Invent a setting for them and see what happens.  If you need a launch place, put them in a car or in a boat.  Write 500 words (about two pages).

This weekend I stressed myself out.  It was completely unnecessary, but that is what I do.  Needless to say, I asked my teacher for an extension on my homework.  It was due Saturday, but she allowed me to turn it in on Monday.  Which I did.  I was honestly about to give up.  Which is what I do, but I didn't.  I pushed on and completed my work. Woo!  I hope you enjoy it.


10 Months!

Really?  It's been ten months.  In two months it will be a year.


Now enjoy some photos. :)

Those are my grandparents wedding rings.


Baby Shower Gifts Galore!

These are not for me... surprisingly.

I went shopping for my "brother" and "sister-in-law" last weekend.  They're having a co-ed shower on the 20th of February.  This is the first baby girl in my family that I got to shop for.  So I went a little nuts.  They are naming her Eliana  This is their third child.  Her fourth; she lost her first baby with her first husband.

I'm the best. Really. :)

Of course I had to buy this.

I also bought a few other items for other up coming baby showers.  I'm going to my coworker's sister's baby shower; she is also have a girl.  She's going to name her Macyn (pronounced Mason).  Also one of my coworker's.  It took her and her husband a few years to have a baby.  They finally got pregnant via IUI.  They're not finding out the sex of their baby, so shower presents are going to be a little difficult to buy.

Aren't these too cute?! I got a really good deal at JCP.
This was the best gender neutral thing I could find.
I want to get her some more stuff, but I'm not sure what.


Wordless Wednesday

Yes, this is my Hubs and his ridiculously long beard.
This picture was too funny to not share with you.

He was very sad to see it go.


Lesson 2 -- My Writing (Lengthy)

Grade: 50/50

a. 250 words in first person - Start with: "I saw..."

I saw a man driving dark blue car speeding down the residential street, not paying any attention to his surroundings. Out of nowhere a dog ran across the street; the dog was black with a large white patch on its side. The man in the dark blue car didn’t notice the dog running across the street and he hit it. Once he realized what happened, he slammed on his breaks. Once I saw what happened I screamed and ran over to check on the dog. I had never been in a situation like this before. I wasn’t sure if there was someone I should call, the police? I checked to see if the dog was breathing. I felt his chest still rising and falling with each breath that he took.

The man in the dark blue car took awhile to get out of the car. I wasn’t sure if he was just shocked or if he really didn’t care what just happened. I had hoped it was the former. But soon after I found out it was not, he didn’t care about the poor defenseless dog he had just hit.

While I was leaning over the dog trying to figure what exactly was wrong with him, I heard the man start to say something. At first I couldn’t understand him, but then I realized he was just telling me to drag the dog out of his way so he could just get to work. I don’t understand how someone could be so careless about an animal that he just hit. I will never understand. 

b. 250 words in second person - Start with: "You won't believe..."

You won’t believe what happened to you when you were a puppy. It was so many years ago. You were a stray running around the neighborhood when some woman in a little black Mazda Miata hit you.

I remember running over to you to make sure you were alright. I could tell you were still breathing just from looking at you; your chest was slowing rising and falling. When I looked at you lying there I felt an ache in my chest. I wanted so badly to take away the hurt that you were feeling.

The lady in the car that hit you felt awful. She immediately ran to her trunk and pulled out a blanket to wrap you up in. She told me she was going to take you to the vet and I could come along with you if I wanted. Once we arrived at the vet, we had to sign in, which felt like years. While holding holding you in my arms, you were trembling with fear and out of pain. Your whimpering made my heart break into a million pieces.

Once we finally got you into the exam I laid your tiny body on the table. The vet entered just a few second later. After a quick exam, he said two of your legs were broken and you had some cracked ribs. But overall, you were pretty lucky. It would take some surgery and a little physical therapy to get you walking. I told the vet that I would take you home and care for you. Here you are today; happy, healthy, and walking.

c. 250 words in third person - Start with: "The dog..."

The dog was wandering around the neighborhood trying to find something on the ground that he could eat. His owners left him in the neighborhood the day before that. They pulled up in front of a house, took off his collar and left him.

While walking around he saw something across the street that looked like food. So he ran toward it and the next thing he felt was intense pain from being hit by a car. A woman that was gardening outside her house ran over to the dog. She could not believe what she had seen. She tried to figure out if he was still breathing. She saw the dog’s chest was still moving, which was a good sign. She could hear the dog whimper when she tried to move him. Unsure of what to do, she called the police.

The dispatch lady on the line told her to wrap the dog up in a towel and take him to the nearest animal hospital. Luckily the man that just hit the dog was still there. She ran back into her house to grab a couple towels. They wrapper the dog up and put him in the man’s car. Once they made it to the animal hospital they were helped immediately. After the vet checked out the dog he told them the dog wasn’t going make it. He had some broken ribs and his legs were broken, amongst many other things. The vet gave them an option; surgery or putting him down.

The woman chose surgery; she wanted to give the dog a chance. She felt like he was a fighter, and the dog proved her right. He made a full recovery, after some hard work. His name is Lucky.

Teacher comments:
Very nice work on these! Usually in second person the author does it like "You won't believe what I saw today..." but I really like how you actually wrote it toward the dog, like you would write a friend. Good work!  Your first person is correct. The last one feels far away (although you did it correctly!), so you can see why usually in today's writing we use third person limited or first person. Good descriptions too. ;)

Thanks for the idea on the second person, Holly!


I've been meaning to post the second part of this story for awhile.

Go here if you missed Part 1: The MIL.

My mom is very nosey, always has been.  I know she hears me at work talking about babies and what not.

So one day around Christmas time she asked me: "If you don't go to the doctor, how do you get your birth control pills?"

I don't need to go to the doctor to get birth control pills, especially when I have a prescription made out for a years worth.  She knows this.  She just wants to be nosey, like she always is.  And I wasn't going to lie to her about it.

So I told her: "I don't."

Her reponse: "Ohhhhh."

She then proceeded to tell me that the day I called my dad when our house was broken into he said, "She better not be calling me to tell me she's pregnant."  First of all, why would I tell him one of the most important things I'll ever have to tell him over the phone?  Second of all, what would be the big deal, pops?

So now the mother in law and mother know.  OOPS!  I'm not sure if they told the fathers.  I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't tell my dad, but who knows.  Pretty soon everyone is going to know, and that was something we were trying to avoid.


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