1 Month

Dear Andrew,

As I write this you are asleep on my chest, which is my favorite place for you to be.  I am so in love with you it hard for me to put it in words.  There are times I find myself staring at you in absolute disbelief that we could make something so perfect.

I am absolutely baffled that you are are already a month old.  It feels like just yesterday your dad and I brought you home from the hospital.

Since you've been home you've been sleeping in bed with us.  It definitely makes your night feedings and diaper changes a lot easier to handle. You're such a fabulous sleeper.  Sometimes you go to sleep a little late, but you'll give us anywhere from 3-6 hours of sleep before you wake up.

You love lights.  From any source, the sun, a lamp or a sunlight, you don't care as long as it's bright. You aren't so much interested in toys yet.  Recently you found your voice and have been a lot more vocal.  You make so many fun sounds.

Also recently you've started smiling and holding eye contact.  You have the cutest dimples!  You can thank me for those when you're in high school.  ;)

Your hair has been getting a little darker since you were born, but it's still light brown.  In the sun it actually looks like you may have some red in there.  Your eyes haven't changed one bit though, they are still a fabulous blue.  Your daddy and I are hoping they'll stay.  Which you'll also thank me for if they do. Also, you have beautiful eyelashes.

I am so excited to watch you grow.

Andrew, your daddy and I love you very much.  Forever and always,


Weight: 13 pounds / Length: about 23 inches

Welcome To The World

Andrew Jackson Shafer

I'm a little late in posting these considering everyone on Twitter has already seen a million pictures of Andrew, but here is my little man.

I plan on posting his birth story, eventually.  I just need to get all the details down and in order! Everything became a blur!

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