Wordless Wednesday - Project 365 - Day 12-25

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How He Proposed

Since it's the two year anniversary of when Hubs proposed I figured it was about time I posted this.

It was Monday January 19, 2009, we were planning to go over to my parents house to have lunch with them since it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so we all day the day off work.

On the way there I think he did something to annoy me so I was pretty quiet.  (Read: ignoring him.)

Guess which song happened to come on the radio while we were on our way... Single Ladies.  How ironic.  Hubs told me he even turned it up, I guess so I would get a hint.  But since I was busy ignoring him I didn't even notice.

Well we got to my parents house and went to the door, which was unlocked.  And right when I walked in Hubs called my name so I turned around and saw this...

Crappy quality but it's a great memory.
I was completely surprised.  I just started crying.  Hubs swears that he never heard me say yes, but I did.  It was just hard to hear me since I was so choked up.

I had no idea he was planning on proposing to me anytime soon.  I had just had a mini-breakdown in December telling him that I wanted him to propose to me on Christmas and I knew he wasn't going to.

(He chose my parents front door step to propose to me because that's the first place we met in person.  We'd been friend online for awhile and he finally asked me out on a date.  When he came to pick me up for that date that was the first time we'd ever met.  You can find the story about how we meet here.)

My gorgeous engagement ring that Hubs picked out all on his own.

Afterward, we still went to lunch with my parents.  There I proceeded to gawk at my ring and text everyone that I could think of that I was now engaged! 

Wordless Wednesday - Project 365 - Day 1-11

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The Year of Hope

I'm making this year the year of hope.  And by doing so I've decided that each pay check I receive I'm going to buy something to put in my someday box.  I'm hoping that this doesn't last very long.  If ya catch my drift.

Since I decided to start this a few days after receiving my last pay check I'm going to start now.  So I bought buy a onesie I've had my eye on for awhile now.

I bought it in 3-6 months, but I'd really like to have one in each size.
Because I think they're just that cute to have one in every size!

Now I have to think of what I want to buy with my next check in 8 days!

Wordless Wednesday

I choose hope.

100+ Reading Challenge for 2011

Click on the photo to go to My Overstuffed Bookshelf's blog.

Last year I only read 46 books, or at least those are the ones I remembered to mark on Goodreads.  I feel if I devote more time to reading and less time to the television then I can complete this challenge.  I'm going to at least attempt it.

I've created a new page on my blog to add books to as I complete them.  You'll see the link at the top underneath the header or click here.

If you're a reader and you're up for a challenge then I urge you to give this a shot.  And, of course, let me know if you decide to sign up.

Also, feel free to recommend any good books to read or you can even send me your favorite book!  I'm always in the market for a book fairy.

It's A New Year

This year I'm not making any resolutions.  I never keep them anyways.  Remember the ones I made last year?  I failed on every single one of those.

I hope this year is different though.  I hope this year has wonderful things in store for Hubs and I.  And I hope more than anything that it has wonderful things in store for each and every one of you.

 Happy New Year, everyone!  Let's make it a great one!

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