I'm 24 and I married my best friend on April 7, 2009 whom I met online.

I believe this is the first photo we actually took together.

I'm awkward. I suck at small talk. I usually say the wrong things at the wrong times.  If it's our first time meeting then chances are I'll be shy and won't talk much. Just give me a chance to warm up. But once I do then I won't shut up.

Sometimes I'm sarcastic, when I'm feeling feisty.

You'll occasionally see me running into walls or tripping over my own feet. I'm super uncoordinated. And I'm always covered in bruises.

I have dimples and sometimes I feel like that makes me still look like I'm 12.

I enjoy reading and watching TV. Mostly I'm lazy and prefer to relax than do anything strenuous. Not such a great trait.

We have two three fur babies that get us in trouble with our neighbors a lot because they like to bark.  But isn't that what dogs do?!

We added a new member to the family; a chihuahua pup.  You can read about her rescue here, which is kind of how we ended up with the little girl.

Meet Pepper, MD!

If you follow my blog, then you're bound to learn a lot more about me.

But if there's anything you want to know, feel free email me!

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