Harry Potter

So, I started reading Harry Potter this week and I think I'm falling in love with it! I just want to sit at home and read and get farther into the story, but NO I have to work. :( I don't know if I'll have time to do much reading tonight. I'm watching America's Next Top Model (yes, I'm that awesome) and we're going to Arizona Mills to meet some guy that Rob's selling his shot gun to. Some time tonight I WILL get some reading in!


I'm stressing out all over again for this stupid reception! I thought it was all over after the wedding, but nope! I'm also falling behind at work, which is also stressing me out. Yesterday, I got out my USB drive so I could update my guest list for the reception and found out it was corrupt! So now I have to start all over again for that. Isn't that lovely? Oh well! I was going to work on that last night, but I finally started working on my thank you cards. I'm almost done with those. I only have 5 left from my bridal shower at work. But then I'm going to have more thank you cards from the reception. :(

Well, I must go back to work right now! Have an amazing day! <3

Family Time

Well, my parents got home from Hawaii late Thursday night so Rob and I had to visit them to talk about their trip and get our presents, of course. But before that we went to meet some guy Rob was selling ammo to and we went to check out a few yard sales. We didn't find anything worth buying. After we looked at a few yard sales we went to my parents house and found out they hadn't eaten breakfast yet. So we all finally picked a place to go and head out. It was already close to 10:30.

Our breakfast was pretty good, but the service wasn't. Oh, but before we went to breakfast my mom gave us our presents. She got us two shot glasses, a key chain, this little leopard print bag, a t-shirt and a hat. I think that was it. It was nice of her to get us that stuff. :) She didn't get my brother and Nicole anything, because on their trip they didn't think of getting her a souvenir.

After late breakfast/early lunch we went back to their house. My mom had decided to give us her treadmill and my daddy bought me a tool box for our house! Which is awesome, but I have to put it together because I knew he was never going to get around to doing it. I'll have to take a picture of it when it's put together. It's so bright and shiny red. I'm so excited! I find it so weird that I love tools and stuff as much as I do. And my dad also told me that he bought some tools off one of his friends at work that he's planning on giving me. I'm going to have a huge tool collection!

But we loaded that stuff up in my dad's truck and took it over to our house. They bought us some drinks from Sonic before we hit the road back to our house. But I got to show my parents my little projects that I've been working on. They liked both of them.

It's been a pretty busy day. Rob and I took a nap from around 3:30 to 5:30. And now I have a headache and I'm totally ready to eat.. which is what I'm going to go do now. :)

Have a wonderful evening!


This is my kitchen and I absolutely love it.

I don't have anything to put on my baker's rack yet. :(

We're going to move our table once we get a kitchen island.
My hubby's dad is supposed to build one for us.

Well, I'm almost done decorating my new shelves in my office.




It's a lot different, but I love it!
I still have a little bit more that I need to do in my office, but I need to buy another cabinet for a few things that wouldn't fit in the other one that I bought. (The one with the two doors and two drawers two pictures above.) But I really like it so far.

EDIT: I'm going to take a better picture of the finished product tonight. I just realized how much I don't like the one up here.

Car Rant

Well, the past two days have sucked as far as cars go. Yesterday Rob got a flat on his way home from work on one of his brand new tires that we got last Saturday and whatever gave him the flat also went through his wheel! And now we have to get him a new wheel or ALL new wheels. That really sucks. For now we just had AAA just come out and put his spare tire on.

Today I went to get a standard oil change. I went in and asked the guy how long it was going to take. He told me not too long they're only doing a few small things on a few other cars. After waiting TWO hours they finally finished, not apologizing for making me wait TWO hours. And they didn't turn off my 'Service Now' light like I asked them to (because the guy there said he didn't know much about German cars) so now I need to go to the dealership. But the only reason I decided to get my oil changed today in the first place was because the guy told me it wasn't going to take very long. By the time I got home it was 4:30 and I hadn't eaten anything since around 9 this morning. Again, I didn't think the oil change was going to take TWO hours, I thought I was going to be able to actually have a lunch. But when I got home I was grouchy and had a horrible migraine and was starving. So I grabbed a quick snack because I knew Rob was going to be home soon and we were planning on going to In N Out for dinner because I was craving it.

So, when Rob got home we go out to my car and some message pops up telling me one of my front lights is out. So I get out of the car and see that the left driving light is out! I'm so freakin' frustrated. Why do all these stupid car problems have to come at the same time?! I know they're not HUGE issues, like at least my car can drive, but it still drives me insane.

Well, that was my rant for the evening. :)


I'm about ready to go to California and smack the florist that we had for our wedding. My mom emailed her telling her how disappointed we are by the flowers we got from her and she shorted us a corsage. My tulips she put in my bouquet were RED and the color I asked for was watermelon.. or something close to this pink. Look at the colors: the one on the left is what I wanted! She gave me tulips that matched the dress on the right.

What frustrates me the most is what happened on the wedding day. She told me that we would meet at 3pm so she could give me the flowers. We go to lunch around 1:30pm so we can come back and have plenty of time to meet her and she can show up the corsages and boutonnieres. She calls me at 2! And tells me that she's just dropped the flowers off! I was really frustrated with that because I planned on meeting her, and if she would have been there when I met her I could have told her, HEY I DON'T LIKE THESE UGLY TULIPS! They honestly looked like they were dying. Same with the roses. I'm just so annoyed that I planned my whole afternoon around being able to get back to the hotel to meet her and she showed up early. It's awesome that she's punctual, but for this sort of thing we should really meet! I know the flowers don't really matter. I'm just venting right now because she finally responded to the email that my mom sent her a week ago.

I am also a little frustrated with the fact that she blamed me on the shortage of the corsages. She said in the invoice she put down 2, but I never got an invoice from her. And I voiced that, but she never tried sending me one again. And she didn't even send my mom one right now when my mom asked for on in the email. GRR! I'm just annoyed and would like to smack her!

On The Bus

So today, while I was on the bus, I realized I wish I could wear short sleeve shirts to work! I have so many that are so cute and look dumb with a long sleeve shirt underneath. And in the summer I don't think about grabbing a jacket to wear over it. I know it's my fault that I can't wear short sleeve shirts, I just wish people these days could be more accepting of tattoos.

Project #1

It's just a simple project: Painting my baker's rack!
But I put it off for a long time.


I like it a lot better white. I'm very happy with it.

Our first kiss as husband and wife!

They wanted us to kiss again for the camera.

The whole family!

The ladies!

The gentlemen!

I just wanted to upload a few pictures from our wedding. When we get the professional ones I'll upload more. I can't wait to get 'em! :)

I am Kaitlin Marie Shafer.. well not legally a Shafer yet, but close enough. :) Rob and I bought a house in September and since then I haven't really done any "projects" around the house. I've decided to start sprucing the place up lately. I've been wanting to learn some DIY projects. The few things I've done so far are just simple tasks, but hopefully I can just progress and get better. Enjoy all of my "creations". :)

And I'll also update other stuff too, obviously! :) Like new things about married life. I don't expect it to change too much since we've already been living together forever. Mainly, though, I've just wanted to start posting more and keeping in touch with people.

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