Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good. Other than having to go to the dentist for the second half of my deep cleaning. The other appointment was on the 15th, apparently I never felt like writing about it. Just more proof that I need to stop slacking on updating in my blog.

We got the whole entertainment center built. Once I get home I'll take a nice picture with my camera, the one on my phone just doesn't do it justice. The only thing that we have sitting on it are the electronics (television, cable box, Xbox etc.). I plan on working on that more when I get home. Who knows when that will be since Rob is working late and I rely on him for a ride home from the bus stop. Depending on when my time is up and when he's off, then I might just walk home. I'd much rather get home earlier so I can start getting some work done.

We definitely went on a few errands this weekend. On Saturday we went to the dentist, Wal-Mart, Lowe's (since it was next door to Wal-Mart, and we really needed to find some cleaner or sealant for the new laminate flooring) and Target. We just picked up some random things that we've been needing for the house. We found this really cute cat scratching post at Target. I'll take a picture of that when I get home too.

Sunday we went to Fry's. And we saved $119.30, that's more than we even spent. They were having some killer sales, and plus my coupons that I clipped definitely helped! :) We also went to dinner with my parents at The Keg to celebrate mine and my dads birthdays. My parents gave me my present. It's this awesomely huge digital picture frame! I love it. And my mom gave me some other cute things (notebook, lip gloss etc.).

So, overall it's been a good weekend. But we are still waiting to hear back from the floor people so they can come back and finally finish the job they started.

Blog Failure/Floor Update

I feel like a big fat blog failure lately! I haven't updated since the 10th! I know many people don't follow me, but I still feel like a failure and I mainly blog for me. I've just been really stressed and distracted lately with all the work that's going on at my house at the moment. Once the floors are 100% finished and everything is back there is should be, I'm going to make a perfect spot for me to sit down a blog.


The main thing that's been stressing me out are my floors! Tuesday was an awful day! We were so excited to finally be able to get our floors done on Tuesday. It was all set that I would take the day off work, we would get the floors done and then that week we would start putting together our gorgeous entertainment center. WELL! It turns out that our floors that we thought was going to be a one day job really turned out to be a THREE day job. They never mentioned that to us. Very frustrating!

On Tuesday though, Rob's Gramma & Husband, Art decided to come over to watch the guys put the floor down. I had previously told Rob that I didn't want them to come over. If he would have been there, then that would have been fine. But I didn't particularly want to hang out with them. So they were bugging me the whole time. I was seriously about to go insane.

While the floor guys were working they ran into some issues, apparently. They didn't decide to share this information with me (THE HOMEOWNER) but with Rob's Gramma and Art. That was the last straw. Bad enough they were there, but now the floor people are telling them about the issues that were going on with the floors. So I decide to go over to talk to the guys and figure out what the issue is. Turns out the floor in our bedroom and living room needed to be leveled and ground down. Which meant extra time and extra money. But this guy couldn't tell me how much. So I had to wait an hour and a half to two hours for the owner of the company, Jason, to come to our house to talk to us. The previous day the owner had actually come to our house and seen the rooms that we were getting the floors done in and he said there wouldn't be any issues. A little bit later Rob's dad showed up so he would be there when the owner got there.

So, when Jason finally showed up he went around the house and looked at the spots that needed work done on them. After that he told us that it was going to cost $400 for all the extra work. We had previously agreed on paying $3,000 for all the work, that's it! I told them I was going to need to talk to Rob about it, and Jason and his workers went to Home Depot to pick up the extra supplies and the trim that was needed for the floors. Shortly after Rob called the owner from work to argue/discuss the situation with him. In the end we only have to pay $120 for the leveling material and that's it. Jason is going to pay the other guys for their labor.

We thought our floors were going to be 100% finished on Thursday, but when we get home we see the the transition pieces from room to room were not put it. (And I guess they are back ordered, which they never mentioned.) And they ran out of trim so there was no trim put up in any of the closets. And apparently the doors on the closets in two bedroom and the hallway won't fit anymore so we need to get new railing for the floor for them to fit, which I don't get why they even pulled the railing up in the first place. All in all, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY! We have not heard a single thing from them since they stopped work yesterday.

Why is it just one thing after another?

Next post I'll write about our counterfeit money experience! I can't believe I haven't shared this story yet!

Update: Living Room

Well, we finished painting the drywalled section in our living room. I think it could still use a few more touch ups. I also spackled all the nail holes around the living room and painted over those. It's starting to look really good. We still have to ad some floorboard to the bottom. We've checked Home Depot twice. We were thinking about taking a look at Lowe's, but I came up with an idea. There is a strip behind our washer and dryer that are still in good condition. So we're thinking about peeling that off and using it in the living room. Makes sense anyways since we're going to pull the floorboard up in the laundry room anyways. We just need to be careful while pull it off the wall.

I've been wanting to go look AT couches, but Rob doesn't want to. I just want to see if we can even find one that's going to work for us. I haven't found very many chocolate brown ones and that's frustrating. I've looked on CraigsList a bunch. I've found a lot of tan ones and a few chocolate brown. But the chocolate brown ones other have leather on the bottom or they are too long. :(
We're still waiting to hear back from Chase about the credit card I applied for on the 15th of July! They're giving us the run around. They've sent me two letters asking me for different things. After the second letter I finally decided to call them. They finally gave me a fax number, so I faxed them the information they wanted. That was Tuesday (4th of August). I just want to know the answer! But on the 4th they told me I would hear back within 7 to 15 business days! Applying for a credit card is almost as difficult as buying a house now. In fact, it might be harder. Ha.
All I want it: my floors to be done, my entertainment center to be put together and a pretty chocolate brown couch that will fit in my living room perfectly! Why can't that just happen?

So, Rob and I have decided to wait on the baby making process, for many different reasons.
1) We have debt that we would like to pay off before we bring a baby into the world. I know we'd definitely like to pay off our car as much as we can.
2) We have other things that we'd like to purchase/do beforehand. i.e. Lasik eye surgery, possibly go to Alaska, travel in general, get everything in the house completed.
3) We need to save more money. We haven't built our nest egg up as much as we would both like. At least another year or so would help tremendously.
4) We are still young and have only been married for 4 months. We have time. Lots and lots of time.
I'm sure there are other reasons, but those are the ones that come to mind right now. I'm going to start making my Baby Bucket List. I don't think I have much to add to it, but we'll find out.

4 Months!

That's how long Rob and I have been married. It's the weirdest thing. WE ARE MARRIED. He is my husband, and I'm his wife.

I know I've been slacking again on posting. I even started to write a list about things to post about, but that obviously didn't help. This weekend it's my goal to update at least TWO times. I know I have a few things that I'd like to post about. I think I even have one topic saved as a draft.

I'm not posting a lot in the entry.
I just wanted to pop in and say sorry for not posting.

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