Wordless Wednesday

I updated the baby photo at my desk today! :)

It's a...


Hi, baby boy. <3
I could have posted this on Friday, but I was busy this weekend.

I did inform Twitter, though!

So, on Saturday I wanted to had to get some clothes for the baby. I mean, we finally know the sex! I just had to!

The "Most Eligible Bachelor" onesie is my favorite!
My parents also bought some clothes for the baby!

After the ultrasound, my MIL and SIL gave us a bag full of all this stuff!

More later. I just wanted to share these fun pictures! :)


Tomorrow is THE day!

Tomorrow is the anatomy scan.

Tomorrow we find out if our baby is a little boy or girl.

Tomorrow! I can't believe it!

Taken last week at 18 weeks 1 day.
Today I am 19 weeks pregnant.

I still can't believe I'm going to be a mom!

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Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Well, this was my first Mother's Day.  Which is just such a weird concept for me to grasp.  I still can't believe that in less than 5 months I'm going to be a mom to a tiny little human.

My fabulous husband bought me a necklace and wrote me a cute note. :)  He even sat with me to watch Fifteen and Pregnant.  Such an awful movie, by the way. But he stuck it out with me! I also got to pick whatever we ate, which wasn't much different than normal.  He's started to ask, "what does baby want to eat?"

I finally decided to splurge and buy a Doppler.  I found one on Craigslist for only $35 so I went for it.  We were able to pick it up on Sunday so on my first Mother's Day I was able to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time.

It turned out to be a nice day. :) I hope everyone else had a great day too. Regardless of your situation.

Also, in NINE short (or long and excruciating, but trying to look on the bright side) we get to find out the gender of our baby! Absolute insanity!

17 Weeks!

Holy freakin' cow.  17 weeks!

On Monday I have an appointment with my midwife.  This time we should hear the heartbeat.  Last time it was still a little early, but we got to see the heartbeat the next day when we got an ultrasound.

In 15 days we find out the gender, hopefully!

I will admit going a bit crazy worrying that something is wrong, but that's just because I haven't seen the baby in over a month.  And in the beginning we got to see the baby three times very close together.

Anyways, I'll update more later. I should get to work!

Hi there!

I have a bad habit of popping in and posting then disappearing again.  I'd really like to fix that.  But things have been busy with us lately.

We recently moved in with my parents.  They've given us two rooms; one for us and one for the baby.  They even created a doorway to combine them.  We just got tile done in the baby's room yesterday.

Speaking of the baby, yesterday I hit 16 weeks!  I have an appointment with the birthing center on Monday.  They have an early pregnancy group where I'll get to meet with other pregnant ladies.  I plan on scheduling my gender ultrasound then too, which I know we are both super excited for!

Well that's it for right now. I'll try to get better about updating! Promise! :)

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