Book Review: Enemies Foreign and Domestic

"Bullets rain down upon a packed football stadium, killing dozens, and triggering a panic stampede which leads to a thousand more deaths. A police marksman kills the sniper, a mentally unbalanced Desert Storm veteran holding a smoking assault rifle. It's an open and shut case, or so America is led to believe...

In the aftermath of the stadium massacre, an outraged public demands an end to the threat posed by assault rifles, and Congress passes emergency legislation banning their private possession. American gun owners have one week to turn in their semi-automatic rifles, or face mandatory five year federal prison terms.

Jimmy Shifflett, the alleged stadium sniper, is linked to a shadowy "gun club" in southeastern Virginia, which the FBI believes is a cover for a secret right wing militia terror group. Those who knew Shifflett the best don't believe he was a member of any militia, or that he was guilty of the horrific mass murder.

But if he didn't fire the "assault rifle" into the stadium, who did, and why?"

I just finished reading Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken.  Hubs actually read this book first. He really enjoyed it and told me he would love it if I read it as well.  I wasn't sure at first, but Hubs eventually talked me into it. It took me awhile but I finally finished it.

This book felt so real.  At times when I would take a break from reading it I expected to turn on the news and see some of these events actually taking place.

They're a bit eccentric, but my Hubs is a gun nut.  So it's nothing new to me.  These books aren't for the feint of heart.  But if you're looking for something new I strongly recommend this series.

There are two more books to this series; Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista and Forgein Enemies and Traitors.  I also plan on reading these once I take a break and read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

Go to Matthew Bracken's website and read the excerpts.  They're really good!

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Whitney wrote: August 12, 2010 at 4:59 PM

Love it! I need to get this book..

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