My Fur Babies

I've never introduced my fur babies before. So here we go...

The Kitties!

We've had Oliver since January of 2008. He was around a year and a half when we got him. The first thing that I noticed about him when I saw him was the coloring of his tail! I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of a raccoon. He is very much a cuddler and will crawl on your lap at every opportunity. He doesn't like the outdoors as much as the other cats. He prefers to sit on the back of the couch while Hubs and I watch television. He's one of the sweetest most loveable cats I've ever met.

We've also had Trauma since January of 2008. He was around a year old when we got him. The first time we saw him at the humane society he hit his head on the glass window, that's how he got his name. He's been an anti-social cat the entire time we've had him. Since moving into our house he likes to go outside through the doggy door and explore. So far, so good with him coming home. He doesn't know how to meow, so he just makes weird sounds. And when we first got him he was sick, so ever since then he's breathed really loud.

We got Nugget in February of 2009, Superbowl Sunday, actually. She's what you could call our "accident". We decided to go to the humane society to look at dogs and came home with a kitten. She was estimated at about 2-3 months old when we got her. Once we took her into the visiting room we knew we needed to take her home with us. She's also an explorer of the outdoors. She's not as anti-social but she will only come to you when she wants to. Sometimes when she meows no sound comes out, it's the weirdest thing.

The Puppies!

We got Kenai (right in picture) and Root Beer (left in picture) at the same him in September of 2008 -- they're actually sisters. They are Husky Labrador mixes. They were only a few months old when we finally got to bring them home. Kenai -- she's the smarter one of the bunch, but also the biggest trouble maker. She likes to go swimming, but not nearly as much as her sister. Root Beer -- she's a goofy dog, always getting caught doing something she's not supposed to be doing. She adores swimming and will get in the pool any chance she gets. She also enjoys sneaking on the couch in the middle of the night. They both get along with the cats great, but they do enjoy chasing them around the house whenever possible.

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