7 Months!

The time is just flying by. It honestly seems that just last week we were in La Jolla getting married on the beach. I know it hasn't been a long time. Not nearly as long as a lot of other people, but we've got to start somewhere!

We didn't have anything special planned for the day. We just decided to run a few errands. We went to Walmart. Hubs wanted to find some ammunition to give his father for his birthday, but no luck. We will have to try a different location tomorrow. Then we went to Barnes & Noble so Hubs could look at the books on their amazing bargain racks. I already got to take a look at them yesterday since my mom wanted to. I picked up Dear John by Nicholas Sparks for only $7 and it's the hardback edition. I also got Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks at Bookmans for $7 too. I like Nicholas Sparks, can you tell? I still need to get The Choice and Last Song. Anyways, I got sidetracked. Last but not least went to Fry's. Our cashier was an awesome guy! Gave us $15 off our bill for no reason! So we only went over our "budget" by $3.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We came home and made a pizza for lunch and watched Alaska State Troopers and Ugly Betty. Then we decided to take a nap. I thought it was going to be a quick nap, but it lasted for three hours. We woke up, made some dinner then watched Adventureland. It was a pretty cute movie, even though it has Kristen Stewart in it (not the biggest fan of hers). And now we are watching Management. It's been a lazy day, but it's been nice. Tomorrow is going to have to be more productive. I have a bunch of laundry and cleaning to do.

Unitl next time! :)

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