Christmas Cards

I've been wanting to send Christmas cards for the past two years.  This year, since Hubs and I are finally married I really want to.  Since we don't have a recent picture or plan on going up North like I had originally wanted to with the dogs, then I'm going to use one of our wedding pictures.  I checked out Shutter Fly and Snap Fish today.  Shutter Fly was a bust.  These great designs are from Snap Fish, though.

I love how colorful this one is.  I was thinking if the dogs and cats would cooperate we could add pictures of them to the card.

I don't know why but I think these two are adorable!

There are far too many choices and I am awful at making decisions.  I'm hoping I'll get a little bit of input from Hubs.  Are you doing Christmas cards this year?  I can't wait until we have babies!  Those Christmas cards will be so much cuter!  Feel free to show me what your Christmas cards look like!


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kelleidoscope wrote: November 23, 2009 at 3:34 PM

I love the bottom two! I'm sending the store-bought Christmas cards this year, but I honestly can't wait to send a family Christmas card.. when I get to that point :)

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