Fingers Crossed

Hubs has an interview on Wednesday at 4:30 with Vangent! Vangent is working on the 2010 Census. This is great news! He's already had the phone interview, this is now his face to face interview. The woman he did the phone interview with seemed to really like him.

There are a few bad things about this job. 1) we wouldn't have insurance through his company anymore. But I can always join the insurance and my work. Since there isn't insurance they would be giving him extra money an hour to make up for that. 2) He isn't allowed to take his phone into the building where he would work because they are dealing with Census. So most communication will more than likely have to be through email, which isn't bad, just a pain in the butt. 3) This is a temporary position until July, but Vangent will help him find another position within the company when his job is completed.

But there are many more great points about him getting this job. 1) He would be working A LOT closer to home and he wouldn't have to carpool two people to work anymore. Which would then save us a lot of money on gas! 2) The pay increase is amazing. It would allow us to pay off debt and save up money faster then we were hoping. 3) He would get out of his company that he is at now. They treat him like dirt, which I don't appreciate.

I'm not positive what the hours would be like. I'm assuming not much different then he is working now. He said he would try to get as much overtime in as they allowed him. I'm really excited for him. This is something great that he'll be able to put on his resume, even though it's just temporary. It's great that they will help him find a new job. If we're serious about moving to Texas, then maybe around that time they can help him find something in Texas, who knows.

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Rebecca B wrote: November 6, 2009 at 5:08 PM

Good luck! I hope it went well.

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