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Everytime I think of a journal, I think of the awful ones that I kept as a little girl.  You know what I mean, right?  The one that was filled with a bunch of useless unimportant information.  Yeah, that's what I think about.  I never knew what to write about, so it was a bunch of "Dear Journal/Diary, How are you?"  Yes, I asked "how are you?" to an inanimate object.  Loser.

This one though, is different.  And the great thing is, my workbook gave me a list of things to write about when I get stuck!  Awesome, right?

Write any sort of thing in your journal, and write various kinds of things:

  • An observation
  • An overheard conversation
  • Lists
  • Longings
  • Your response to a piece of music
  • A rough draft of a letter
  • Names of characters
  • Quotations from what you are reading
  • The piece of your mind you'd like to give so-and-so
  • An idea for a story
  • A memory
  • A dream
  • A few lines of a poem
  • A fantasy conversation
  • Titles of things you are never going to write
  • Something else
These are great pointers for me when I'm stumped.

It's so simple, and it has a built in bookmark!

Make a habit, rather than a chore, of writing in your journal.  This is exactly how I view my blog.  I don't want to view it as something I have to do, just something that I want to do.  My text book suggests that I write in my journal once a day, but that's been a difficult task for me.  Even though I carry it in my purse with me, I never have time to just stop and write something in it.  I need to make time.

Two of my new goals, for always.


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Holly wrote: January 27, 2010 at 3:02 PM

so love these goals! I am totally stealing them. Although I don't really have to work toward the random acts of awesome. I do that every day without trying lol ;)

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