Lesson 1 -- Completed

1.Creative Writing Assignment ~ Topic: Introductions (50 points – 750 words). The requirement this week is to create three writings that total 750 words. Here are the topics of each writing:

a. Retell an incident from childhood (250 words)  When I was around 4, I was sweeping the backporch of our house.  The broom I was using knocked some vice grip pliers off the roof, which then fell on me and cut my forehead right down to the skull.

b. Tell the story of how you got your name. Feel free to fictionalize if it makes the story better (250 words) My mom found my name in a book she was reading, it's that simple.  I had to fictionalize, a lot.

c. Your Choice – (250 words) pick any of the exercises in this chapter or choose an idea of your own. I ended up picking: Write a paragraph or poem exploring your relationship with a machine.  Describe the machine using at least three of the senses.  Needless to say, I wrote about the amazing relationship I have with my laptop.
On Saturday I turned in my first Creative Writing Assignment.  This assignment stressed me out SO much.  Even though it was so simple.  I forgot how easily stressed I get when I'm in school and this is only one class, I can't imagine how I'd do with more.

"Shitty First Drafts" by Anne Lamott was one of my assigned readings.  I found it pretty interesting, so I thought I would share.
So, I decided to look for my teacher on Twitter and I found her.  If you want to, check her out.  She also has her own website.  She's an author as well, for young adults.

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Holly wrote: January 25, 2010 at 1:22 PM

that sounds so interesting! I would love to read your stories. Would you mind posting them?

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