The Biggest Loser

Last night was the season premier of The Biggest Loser - Season 8. Every season this show just gets to me. I always cry! I'm a bit of a cry-er already, but when you add all the sad stories to the mix it just makes it even worse. This season there is a lady that lost her husband, 5 year old daughter and 2 week old son in a car accident. How could that not make you cry?! There is also this other lady that is the heaviest person to ever be on the show. She weighs in at 476 pounds. I just don't understand how someone can get that large. I feel bad, but it's their fault.

This show always makes me want to get out and do something. I think Rob and I have finally turned over a new leaf. We want to start making healthy decisions. We also want to start being more responsible for our actions. It's finally time for us to grow up. Not all the way, but enough. :) I really hope we stick to our word. I want to be happy, healthy and financially stable.

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