Newest Addition

Let me preface this by first saying Rob is that one that didn't want to go home with a new car on Monday.

On Monday night Rob and I went down to Showcase Honda. Rob had been talking to them for awhile on Sunday and almost all day Monday. He was going back and forth on different cars trying to find the best trade in value for our car (2008 VW Passat).
There were so many different cars that we looked through.
Honda Pilot, Jeep Commander, Nissan Armada and Pathfinder, Chevy Tahoe, and finally Land Rover LR3.
Any idea which one we picked? Land Rover LR3.
That would be the correct answer. (Rob looks silly in this picture. I'll definitely take a better one this weekend. I just rushed and took this this morning before work.)

We originally went down to the dealership to look at the Jeep Commander, but when we got there Honda didn't even have it in their lot. It was moved down to the Nissan lot. So the guy that Rob had been talking to, Victor, gave us the keys to a Nissan Armada that we could take a look at while they were having their buyer take a look at our car. I loved the Nissan Armada, the inside was amazing and a half. It was spacious, it had a bunch of compartments, it had cloth seating and a third row of seating. The only issue was it was just a little too big! It almost felt like a tank when you drove it, but I almost liked that about the car. I eventually got to drive the Armada down to the Nissan lot with Rob and Victor to look at the Jeep Commander that was on STILTS. How are we supposed to see the car when it's on stilts? Needless to say, we didn't even get to take a look at it.

Rob drove back to the Honda lot to take a look at our other options. Some guy, a manager I think, came over to us when we got back to the lot and asked us if we had taken a look at their LR3, now I had never heard of LR3 so I was completely confused at first. Then we walked over and saw them. Rob immediately fell in love with it. We looked inside and all around the car, then Rob decided to take it for a test drive. We just went around the block, but that was enough for Rob to fall even more in love with the car. I still wasn't sold though. I didn't like that it has leather seats, and it was just awkward to me.

So we went back inside the dealership, the guys were trying to sell us the car. Rob kept telling them that we wouldn't be making a sale today because we had an appointment with another dealership the next day. They were still trying to push the car on me. I finally told them that we could go outside and take another look at the car. They ended up practically pushing me in the car and telling me to take it for a test drive. So we went around the block again. It drives really nice.

There was this other salesman there named Sam, apparently he is obsessed with Land Rover's. So he went through everything on the car, explained why it was made the way it was and showed us a lot of the safety features on the car. He finally told us that we need to go on one last test drive, one to show us how fun the car is. So he took us to a parking lot that was all messed up just to show us how nice it was. We found this dirt lot that he let us drive in for a little bit. Needless to say, Rob wanted the car tonight.

When we got back to the dealership we went inside to talk numbers. We finally got down to a spot that we both agreed, so we decided to take the car. They even gave us a surprising amount of money for our car, way more than it's worth. We signed all the documents and got GAP coverage on the car, but not a warranty. The warranty the car payment back up to what we were paying now. We didn't get home until 11:30, we were both extremely tired, but very happy. We now have a pretty new SUV that should serve it's purpose for the next forever.

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