Update: Fireplace

This is it before:
This is the fireplace now: We have decided now that we're going to take everything out of it and close it up completely. The black section and bricks aren't being held in my anything. We can just pull them right out. So we're going to pull all that out and drywall it shut then paint it to match the rest of the living room. Which I think is so freakin' exciting because that's what I wanted to do in the first place, but Rob wasn't really havin' that, but now he's perfectly fine with it. We've also talked to a guy Rob knows who will do tile cheaper then this guy quotes us today. He told us that it would be $3.50 a square foot! When he told us that, Rob and I thought he was joking! But I really hope we get at least the living room tiled soon! We got our entertainment center today! It's in boxes, but we still got it! Let me remind you want it looks like.

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