So, tonight we're going to Home Depot with the guys that's going to work on our fireplace. He's going to help us pick out tile, grout and whatever else we need to make this happen. Then bright and early tomorrow he's going to start working on our fireplace. Tonight we should probably start clearing the area around the fireplace so he has a place to work. And I definitely need to clean off the mantle, that would be a smart idea.

I really need to clean my house. Ever since this sun burn I haven't wanted to do ANYTHING around my house. So stuff is just piling up. I haven't folded my clothes that I washed on Sunday! And I generally love folding clothes. Well, this weekend I will be a slacker no more. I have a goal and I'm going to acheive it:

Well, I'm at work so, I should probably... work. :(

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