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I finished reading Big Boned by Meg Cabot today on my walk home from the bus stop. It was SO good. I absolutely adored that Cabot had Heather and Conner end up together in the end. It was very adorable the way she finally brought them together. I wish there were more books in this series. I plan on reading more by Meg Cabot though. In fact, the next book I'm going to read is Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot. I don't know what it's about, but I'm excited to read it nonetheless.

It's Friday and I couldn't be more happy. This week seemed to drag on forever. Tomorrow Rob and I are going to the shooting range with my parents and possibly Rob's friend Tim. We might even go out to breakfast with them in the morning, depending on when my dad wakes up, apparently. Other than that, we really don't have any plans for the weekend. I know I have a few things on my to do list. I need to paint the end tables for our living room and the paper towel holder that Rob's Gramma gave to us awhile ago. I should mop the kitchen, but that really doesn't sound like a fun time. And there are plenty of things that I need to do around the house.

I can't believe how many shows I'm watching now since a bunch just came back and since a bunch of new ones just started. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Vampire Diares, The Biggest Loser, Americas Next Top Model, LA Ink, Eastwick, The Office, Heroes, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Flash Forward, One Tree Hill, Dexter, Californication... That's way past pathetic. I should really cut back, but I'm dedicated to all of them.

Whitney just informed me that there are books that The Vampire Diaries is based on. That means that I'm going to have to read them now. That's not a good thing, because that means that I'm going to spend money on books. There are so many books I want its ridiculous. But I'm trying to make do with what I have.

Have an amazing weekend! I'll try to get another post in sometime this weekend. Maybe I can take some pictures when we go shooting this weekend. I don't know if they allow you to in the indoor range. I've never been before.


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