Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good. Other than having to go to the dentist for the second half of my deep cleaning. The other appointment was on the 15th, apparently I never felt like writing about it. Just more proof that I need to stop slacking on updating in my blog.

We got the whole entertainment center built. Once I get home I'll take a nice picture with my camera, the one on my phone just doesn't do it justice. The only thing that we have sitting on it are the electronics (television, cable box, Xbox etc.). I plan on working on that more when I get home. Who knows when that will be since Rob is working late and I rely on him for a ride home from the bus stop. Depending on when my time is up and when he's off, then I might just walk home. I'd much rather get home earlier so I can start getting some work done.

We definitely went on a few errands this weekend. On Saturday we went to the dentist, Wal-Mart, Lowe's (since it was next door to Wal-Mart, and we really needed to find some cleaner or sealant for the new laminate flooring) and Target. We just picked up some random things that we've been needing for the house. We found this really cute cat scratching post at Target. I'll take a picture of that when I get home too.

Sunday we went to Fry's. And we saved $119.30, that's more than we even spent. They were having some killer sales, and plus my coupons that I clipped definitely helped! :) We also went to dinner with my parents at The Keg to celebrate mine and my dads birthdays. My parents gave me my present. It's this awesomely huge digital picture frame! I love it. And my mom gave me some other cute things (notebook, lip gloss etc.).

So, overall it's been a good weekend. But we are still waiting to hear back from the floor people so they can come back and finally finish the job they started.

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