Update: Living Room

Well, we finished painting the drywalled section in our living room. I think it could still use a few more touch ups. I also spackled all the nail holes around the living room and painted over those. It's starting to look really good. We still have to ad some floorboard to the bottom. We've checked Home Depot twice. We were thinking about taking a look at Lowe's, but I came up with an idea. There is a strip behind our washer and dryer that are still in good condition. So we're thinking about peeling that off and using it in the living room. Makes sense anyways since we're going to pull the floorboard up in the laundry room anyways. We just need to be careful while pull it off the wall.

I've been wanting to go look AT couches, but Rob doesn't want to. I just want to see if we can even find one that's going to work for us. I haven't found very many chocolate brown ones and that's frustrating. I've looked on CraigsList a bunch. I've found a lot of tan ones and a few chocolate brown. But the chocolate brown ones other have leather on the bottom or they are too long. :(
We're still waiting to hear back from Chase about the credit card I applied for on the 15th of July! They're giving us the run around. They've sent me two letters asking me for different things. After the second letter I finally decided to call them. They finally gave me a fax number, so I faxed them the information they wanted. That was Tuesday (4th of August). I just want to know the answer! But on the 4th they told me I would hear back within 7 to 15 business days! Applying for a credit card is almost as difficult as buying a house now. In fact, it might be harder. Ha.
All I want it: my floors to be done, my entertainment center to be put together and a pretty chocolate brown couch that will fit in my living room perfectly! Why can't that just happen?

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Wacky Jackie wrote: August 13, 2009 at 1:46 PM

Looking good!!!
And things never work out like you'd like! Do you bank with B of A? I opened an account two years ago, and a year later, because I hadn't had any overdrafts, I was automatically approved for a $4000 credit card.

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