Accomplished: Name Change

So today while I've been at work I've been calling companies to change my name. So far I've called:

VW Credit
Car Insurance
Southwest Gas
City of Phoenix (water)
GE Money (Discount Tire)
Helzberg Diamond

I'm pretty sure the only things I have left are passport and my voter registration. I might have to change it with Verizon Wireless as well, then I think I'm done. Unless I see random things come in the mail. I changed my name at the DMV on Saturday then Sunday I changed my name at BofA, but I would still like to go there and change the picture on my debit card and get it put on my credit cards.

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Wacky Jackie wrote: June 26, 2009 at 2:37 PM

WOOHOO!!! Name changes are the WORST! LOL

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