I barely got to see Rob this weekend, but other than that the weekend was pretty good. Rob and I got in a fight on Friday (that's not good, but the outcome was). It was mainly an issue with us not communicating, which we've decided we're going to try to fix. On Saturday, I hung out with my mom all day. We went shopping. I got some new clothes and a few things for the house. I got a cute dress that I'm going to wear for our reception. I really love it! They're so comfy! On Sunday, Rob was gone for six hours! So I just stayed home and was watching Swingtown (which I totally love, not going to lie). Rob and I also started to watch Friday Night Lights on Friday too, which has been an amazing show so far. I originally started to watch it by myself, but then Rob came home and noticed it was about football and he decided that he needed to start watching it too. That's why on Sunday I started watching Swingtown because I knew he wouldn't be interested in watching it with me. But it's really not a bad show.

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