I'm about ready to go to California and smack the florist that we had for our wedding. My mom emailed her telling her how disappointed we are by the flowers we got from her and she shorted us a corsage. My tulips she put in my bouquet were RED and the color I asked for was watermelon.. or something close to this pink. Look at the colors: the one on the left is what I wanted! She gave me tulips that matched the dress on the right.

What frustrates me the most is what happened on the wedding day. She told me that we would meet at 3pm so she could give me the flowers. We go to lunch around 1:30pm so we can come back and have plenty of time to meet her and she can show up the corsages and boutonnieres. She calls me at 2! And tells me that she's just dropped the flowers off! I was really frustrated with that because I planned on meeting her, and if she would have been there when I met her I could have told her, HEY I DON'T LIKE THESE UGLY TULIPS! They honestly looked like they were dying. Same with the roses. I'm just so annoyed that I planned my whole afternoon around being able to get back to the hotel to meet her and she showed up early. It's awesome that she's punctual, but for this sort of thing we should really meet! I know the flowers don't really matter. I'm just venting right now because she finally responded to the email that my mom sent her a week ago.

I am also a little frustrated with the fact that she blamed me on the shortage of the corsages. She said in the invoice she put down 2, but I never got an invoice from her. And I voiced that, but she never tried sending me one again. And she didn't even send my mom one right now when my mom asked for on in the email. GRR! I'm just annoyed and would like to smack her!

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Wacky Jackie wrote: April 23, 2009 at 10:02 AM

*shakes head* On your wedding day, too! What a B*%$#

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