Family Time

Well, my parents got home from Hawaii late Thursday night so Rob and I had to visit them to talk about their trip and get our presents, of course. But before that we went to meet some guy Rob was selling ammo to and we went to check out a few yard sales. We didn't find anything worth buying. After we looked at a few yard sales we went to my parents house and found out they hadn't eaten breakfast yet. So we all finally picked a place to go and head out. It was already close to 10:30.

Our breakfast was pretty good, but the service wasn't. Oh, but before we went to breakfast my mom gave us our presents. She got us two shot glasses, a key chain, this little leopard print bag, a t-shirt and a hat. I think that was it. It was nice of her to get us that stuff. :) She didn't get my brother and Nicole anything, because on their trip they didn't think of getting her a souvenir.

After late breakfast/early lunch we went back to their house. My mom had decided to give us her treadmill and my daddy bought me a tool box for our house! Which is awesome, but I have to put it together because I knew he was never going to get around to doing it. I'll have to take a picture of it when it's put together. It's so bright and shiny red. I'm so excited! I find it so weird that I love tools and stuff as much as I do. And my dad also told me that he bought some tools off one of his friends at work that he's planning on giving me. I'm going to have a huge tool collection!

But we loaded that stuff up in my dad's truck and took it over to our house. They bought us some drinks from Sonic before we hit the road back to our house. But I got to show my parents my little projects that I've been working on. They liked both of them.

It's been a pretty busy day. Rob and I took a nap from around 3:30 to 5:30. And now I have a headache and I'm totally ready to eat.. which is what I'm going to go do now. :)

Have a wonderful evening!

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