Car Rant

Well, the past two days have sucked as far as cars go. Yesterday Rob got a flat on his way home from work on one of his brand new tires that we got last Saturday and whatever gave him the flat also went through his wheel! And now we have to get him a new wheel or ALL new wheels. That really sucks. For now we just had AAA just come out and put his spare tire on.

Today I went to get a standard oil change. I went in and asked the guy how long it was going to take. He told me not too long they're only doing a few small things on a few other cars. After waiting TWO hours they finally finished, not apologizing for making me wait TWO hours. And they didn't turn off my 'Service Now' light like I asked them to (because the guy there said he didn't know much about German cars) so now I need to go to the dealership. But the only reason I decided to get my oil changed today in the first place was because the guy told me it wasn't going to take very long. By the time I got home it was 4:30 and I hadn't eaten anything since around 9 this morning. Again, I didn't think the oil change was going to take TWO hours, I thought I was going to be able to actually have a lunch. But when I got home I was grouchy and had a horrible migraine and was starving. So I grabbed a quick snack because I knew Rob was going to be home soon and we were planning on going to In N Out for dinner because I was craving it.

So, when Rob got home we go out to my car and some message pops up telling me one of my front lights is out. So I get out of the car and see that the left driving light is out! I'm so freakin' frustrated. Why do all these stupid car problems have to come at the same time?! I know they're not HUGE issues, like at least my car can drive, but it still drives me insane.

Well, that was my rant for the evening. :)

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