Bookshelf Follow-Up

So, the other day I posted about my bookshelves.

Well, Rob commented on that post asking if I was going to show you his bookshelf.  So, of course I'll going to show you!

Keep in mind though that he's missing a few. Some books that he loaned to a friend. And a few bigger books that I have on my bookshelf. Also, the book that he's currently reading.

He's amassed quite a collection compared to the books he had when we originally started dating.  Which I think was zero. ;)

Below his books are more of my books that I didn't post about. I currently have to use our closet shelves for some of my books because I'm seriously running out of room!  We need a bigger place for just my books!

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Johnpaul wrote: December 19, 2011 at 11:25 PM

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