Busy Busy Busy

Lately, I've been a busy bee.

If I haven't been working at my day job, then I've been at home working on the new book blog and if I haven't been working on the blog then I've been reading books for the blog.  But that's okay because it's been fun.

Also, if you haven't checked it out, then you should. 

Jenny and I would really appreciate it!

Other than work and the book blog nothing else have been really going on in my life.  I still need to post about the tests we had done at the RE, which I'll do sometime this week.

How have things been going with you lately?

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Jessa wrote: June 9, 2011 at 12:20 PM

I've just started reviewing books and while there isn't a deadline, I still feel like I need to move a little faster with the books than normal, but yet read them far more thoroughly.

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